Smile Express

Due to some dental care revolutions, patients now have the chance to leave the dental clinic with a perfect smile in a matter of hours.


A lot of people have just forgotten how a big smile looks on their faces because of dental problems. More often dental care procedures may extend up to 6 months, and the patient’s wish to see the end result sooner drove us to implement SMILE EXPRESS.

The innovative SMILE EXPRESS dental care technology allows the restoration of the entire dentition within 24 hours (depending on the complexity). This is the ideal treatment for patients that desire fixed teeth rapidly and with no complications.

These services are for:

  • People that have lost their teeth and need a new fixed denture but do not have the patience to wait 4 to 6 months;
  • People who wear removable dentures but wish for fixed denture;
  • People who suffered from bone loss and cannot have classic implants;
  • Patients with denture beyond repair;

You have access to complete EXPRESS dentistry services: top orthodontics, dental implants, dental veneers, teeth whitening, pediatric dentistry treatment or adult dentistry treatment etc.



  • is dentistry aesthetics and means cleaner, whiter teeth.


  • prosthetic restoration covering a damaged tooth (whether by cavity and/or trauma), with the net effect of full aesthetics and functionality.


  • the procedure to remove tartar deposits from teeth surfaces.


  • minor dentistry surgery (requiring local anesthetic): ranging from tooth extraction to bone resection and application of biomaterials.


  • extremely smooth prosthetic restoration to correct dental defects without compromising the health of the tooth itself.


  • an artificial root made by various materials that serve as support for prosthetic restoration.


  • treatment of gum and teeth bone affections.


  • root canal treatment.


  • treatment using state of the art technology – the LASER (a device that uses light energy for fast, safe and pain free cure).


Immediate insertion of dental implant crown.

In a nut shell, you will have the perfect smile in just 24 hours.

SMILE EXPRESS treatment has a positive effect on the overall health of the patients by boosting their confidence (and restoring the psychical balance) with a POSITIVE influence on the quality of the patient’s lives that were severely affected by their lack of teeth.