LASER assisted treatment

“LASER – a complex and powerful device designed to explore new possibilities in dental treatment, a complementary method to conventional treatment, a safer and more elegant working tool”.


LASER surgeries are usually bleeding free and no suture is needed. Healing takes shorter after such a surgery, post-surgery discomfort and inflammation are reduced and recovery takes only a few days.



An addition to the treatment of periodontal disease, LASER treatment is focused on efficient reduction of bacterial colonization with the ability to accurately select diseased tissue. By use of an aesthetic and bio-stimulation characteristics of LASER, some patients will benefit of reduced post-surgery discomfort, improved tissue regeneration and avoidance of long and unpleasant recovery periods.


LASER assisted whitening is a safe and efficient method of whitening and it takes, in average, 20 minutes. The special whitening gel protects the enamel, minimizes sensibility and is comfortable for the patient, with the net effect of having a safe and confident patient.

Odontotherapy, sealing

Treatment of cavity lesions is another effective use of LASER treatment, especially for anxious patients that are scared of the dentist consult and everything that comes with it. By reducing pressure, vibrations or unwanted noise that some patients, whether child or adult, fear so much, the LASER allows a precise and effective treatment with exceptional results translated in the confident smile of each patient, regardless of age.