"Beauty is power. A smile is its sword."

We will create a customized treatment plan of consults (dental status and periodontal status), dental prophylaxis, surgical treatment of soft and hard tissue, dental implants, orthodontic, periodontal and root canal treatment, dental prosthetic and/or aesthetics.

On your first consult we assess the severity of your affection, we present you the possible complications and potential risks if affection is not treated, and we offer a treatment plan to meet your needs.

We will choose the treatment plan together, depending on the data collected during the consult.


Dental restoration that is highly aesthetic by use of facets and ceramic and zirconia prosthetics.

  • Having a resistant, yet thin, infrastructure, crowns and facets bring back the mastication function contributing to the restoration of the desired functional and aesthetic balance.


PMMA temporary crown

150 LEI

Ceramic crown on zirconia support

1000 LEI

Integral ceramic crown

1000 LEI

Ceramic/zirconia venner

1000 LEI


Specialized preventive periodontics and surgery to regrow damaged bones and tissues.

  • The treatment plan for every affection is designed for each patient and carried-out with modern periodontics equipment assuring an optimum, correct and long term treatment.


Periapical curettage/tooth curettage

100 LEI

Surgical curettage/tooth curettage

120 LEI

Dental immobilization

250 LEI

G.T.R /arcade

2000 LEI


Surgical treatment of soft and hard tissue. Dental implants.

  • The success of a dental implant depends on a series of factors, ranging from a correct diagnosis and treatment planning closely linked to the general and local health status of the patient, to the customized choice of the type of implant for each patient.
  • Surgical procedures may improve the bone support offering optimum parameters for implant insertion even in areas that are apparently untouchable, thus successfully reaching the end restoration.


Bone/ gum graft

2000 LEI

Ceramic crown on zirconia support for implant

1300 LEI

Crestal sinus lift

1700 LEI

Dental implant (includes healing abutment and prosthetic abutment).

3200 LEI


Specialized treatment customized for each patient designed for teeth alignment and correction of dental occlusion

  • Oral breathing (through the mouth), thumb sucking, chewing difficulties, abnormal contact or lack of contact between teeth, early or late loss of baby teeth are some of the signs that parents should pay a visit to an orthodontists, regardless of the children’s age.
  • Adults and adolescents may benefit of orthodontic fixed appliances since this type of orthodontic appliance has the best of results regardless of age.

See more details on Appliances.


Metallic braces/arcade

1800 LEI

Ceramic braces/arcade

2600 LEI

Sapphire braces/arcade

3600 LEI

CLEAR ALIGNER invisible braces /set

de la 4500 LEI

INCOGNITO invisible braces

12 000 LEI


Specialized treatment of dental pulp pathology.

  • Endodontic treatment becomes necessary when patient suffers from irreversible inflamed pulp or pulp necrosis
  • The adequate treatment always takes into account the anatomy of the root canal both by preparation and by adequate three-dimensional obturation.


MTA repair

100 LEI

Endodontic treatment by root canal preparation with rotary tools and root canal filling

150 LEI/ canal

Fiber-glass pivot

150 LEI

Internal (endodontic) whitening

150 LEI


Conservative and restorative dentistry for multiple affections: cavities, tooth enamel defects, abrasion.

  • Protection of the intact tissue and tooth reconstruction may be made by composite fillings or computer machined zirconia or ceramic fillings.


Lateral aesthetic filling

de la 150 LEI

Frontal aesthetic filling

de la 200 LEI

Zirconia inlay/onlay

550 LEI

Ceramic inlay/ onlay

550 LEI


Treatment of multiple dental affections in children both in temporary teething as well as in young permanent teething.

  • Identification and management of bad habits to assure harmonious child growth and development.


Temporary tooth sealant

60 LEI

Permanent tooth sealant

100 LEI

Temporary/permanent tooth filling Glassionomer

100 LEI

endodontic treatment and dental filling for temporary tooth

200 LEI

Temporary tooth extraction

50 LEI


Professional cleaning by manual or ultrasound tartar removal followed by professional brushing.

  • Step by step guidance and training on correct brushing, on use of dental floss, use of oral irrigator


Consult and treatment plan

100 LEI

professional brushing

50 LEI

tartar removal and professional brushing

200 LEI