Dental Tourism

Our new Dental Tourism program allows you to access in one tour (a longer city-break) the treatment of all your dental problems with state of the art technology, innovative materials and experienced expert dentists

Our clinic has developed treatment protocols that combine optimum financial solutions and high quality services. You can access the full range of types of treatment:  dental implants, crowns, dental veneers, orthodontics etc., expert doctors in all branches of dentistry, high quality technology and materials.

You can now combine dental treatment with a brief holiday in Romania that is guaranteed to place a big smile on your face.

No worries! You will have the time for sightseeing: our innovative working methods and technology allow you to spend plenty of time out of the dentist’s chair!

Access SMILE EXPRESS dental implant program to get a sensational smile in only 24 hours, in one intervention and for a good price (transparent from the very beginning).

HOW TO BOOK SUCH A TREATMENT? Send us a recent panoramic dental radiography at or fill in the contact form on our webpage. We will help you book a flight and accommodation for a decent price.

Airport transfer is free of charge!