About us

"Beauty is power. A smile is its sword."

Dr. Emilia Prodea


Orthodontists and Facial Orthopedics Specialist
Administrator of AORYS Dental & Care


My professionalism, my commitment, my sense of responsibility, all drove me to attend various training courses to be able to offer high quality medical services.

My wish to pass along that knowledge and my continuous care for my patients were the basis for the development of a performant medical center that is optimized and equipped with state of the art technology that meets our patient’s needs.

Communication, patient care, devotion and treatment motivation are the basis of a successful treatment followed by a perfect smile.


Because “a beautiful, healthy, confident smile will always make a difference!”



AORYS Dental & Care Clinic is committed to offer the highest quality medical services of diagnosis and treatment for patients of all ages. Our commitment to excellence, compassion and innovation is rooted in the devotement of the entire team to the art and science of healing, and is the base of our mission to care for and heal our patients.

The team of AORYS Clinic, by their experience and dedication, offers a broad and complex variety of medical services in:

  • Dentistry
  • LASER assisted treatment,

using state of the art technology.



We took upon us the major mission of changing children’s lives, young people’s lives and adults’ lives by offering the highest quality dental care. The aim of our team of compassionate and dedicated professionals is to continually improve the patients’ health, to boost their self-confidence and enhance the quality of their lives. We promise to put a big smile on your face by using state of the art technology and innovative materials in a broad area of services.

While we focus on your health and beauty, all you have to do is relax and enjoy your experience at AORYS Dental & Care Clinic!

Our commitment and dedication for our patients underlay our work to get you the perfect smile that will always ooze confidence.




We aim to reach the highest level of performance both in our dental care activities, as well as in our business. To this end we are willing to work hard, to develop and stay focus on the services we offer.


Our services are patient centered services: we offer a warm, welcoming and relaxed environment to our patients. We treat our patients with the outmost respect, we treat them as family.


Each member of our team is bound to achieve our mission and our core values. This means responsibility for their individual actions and a real commitment to our patients.


We are driven by honesty, ethics, professionalism and integrity in our endeavor to always help and support those that need our help.


TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More. Team work and mutual respect are the fundamental secrets of success.


Our management, our staff and our doctors are guided by the following values:

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Team work and cooperation
  • Compassion

AORYS Dental & Care Clinic will keep the confidentiality of your data according to the applicable legal regulations

All patients welcome!